Textile Care

Femke Textiles have not been pre shrunk (except for bed linens), so please allow a minimum amount of shrinkage up to 5% after the first wash. Cold wash in a gentle cycle or by hand with a mild detergent. Please do not use any harsh detergent or bleach on our textiles and please avoid vigorous rubbing. We also recommend you do not soak our textiles.

When machine washing, give the fabric plenty of room to move so as to avoid hard creases. Linen loves to crease! To remove creases, iron on the reverse side while still damp. Whenever possible, line dry items flat in the shade.

All prints have been heat set. Iron on reverse side only.

All fabrics will degrade over time with UV exposure. Please rotate your items if they are exposed to harsh light and keep out of direct sunlight where possible.

All fabrics are printed with Permaset and Permatone inks that are water based and eco friendly. They do not contain any harsh chemicals. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.