Here at Femke Textiles, sustainability plays a big part in our daily routine. 

Materials and Inks

Understanding the important role designers can play in reducing the environmental impact of the products they create, I carefully select high quality and hard wearing sustainable materials, such as linen, organic cotton or hemp. All our textiles are printed using Permaset and Permatone inks which do not contain any ozone depleting chemicals and are free of organic volatile solvents. This makes them good for you and the environment!


All orders are packed in compostable packaging! Yes, you really can put the packaging in with your compost! Made from sustainable plants & non toxic, compostable resin. Wherever possible, cardboard boxes are recycled and re used to send orders that don't fit in parcel bags. The packaging tape used is also biodegradable and compostable meeting Australian Standards and made from a cellulose film.

Water use

Our large printing screens are cleaned using a high pressure hose to limit the amount of water wasted and any small amount of ink left on the screen passes through a settling tank before entering the waste water. 

Textile Waste

Only small quantities of fabrics are kept in stock and everything else is made to order to avoid textile waste. Any small pieces that remain after making products or misprints are either repurposed or made into our popular bundles for that small sewing project you had in mind!


Being a small business that doesn't follow trends, we produce products on a small scale with longevity in mind. We support our local economy by purchasing supplies wherever possible from Australian businesses.